You are a normal person that does normal things,  that some how got held prisoner in some sort of science facility, where you have a strong desire to escape. Find your way out using a weapon that harnesses the power of the moon to blast your way through scientists, guards, mutants, and other enemies in order to see day light again.  If you end up failing, no worries, you will just wake up back in your cell ready to escape again. Maybe this time a bit more powerful.



  • WASD / ZQSD / Arrow keys = Move
  • F = Kick
  • Space = Jump
  • Shift+Space = Dash
  • E = Interact
  • Left Mouse Button = Primary Attack
  • Right Mouse Button = Secondary attack (hold to charge)
  • Tab = Open Minimap
  • M = Toggle Music

Game Pad (Xbox):

  • Left stick = Move
  • B = Kick
  • A = Jump
  • LT + A = Dash
  • RB = Interact
  • X = Primary attack facing player direction
  • Y = Secondary attack facing player direction (hold to charge)
  • Right stick = Free Aim with primary attack
  • LT + Right stick = Free Aim with secondary attack (hold to charge)
  • DPad Up = Open Minimap
  • Select = Toggle Music

This game was created during the month of November in 2020 for the GitHub Game Off game jam.  The code repository can be found here.

It is HIGHLY recommended to play with mouse and keyboard due to the game relying on aiming with a mouse. Game pads are fully supported but is much more difficult to aim. But feel free to use whichever suits you best.

A full play-through  on reaching and defeating the boss should take about an hour or so depending on luck and skill.

Music and sound effects by Patran.

Art by Annahvi.


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Cool game. Nice rogue lite mechanics and the checkpoint system saves you some running.

how can you guys play this its so laggy or am i just like dumb or somethin


You're dumb!

why yes a true gamers wisdom

Actually, are you playing on your browser or computer?

im on browser i cant find download button

I am also playing on browser and I am getting a solid 60 fps. Maybe you should switch off chrome from task manager and then try to play the from the browser. (Pls check out my YouTube channel "Being A True Gamer" )

Nice! Sometimes the enemies are stuck at corners/edges.
Have not finished it yet, but I will keep trying. :D

Hey thanks for playing! Not sure why they are getting stuck :( but it seems to be affecting a few people. Sorry about that.

I don't have my gun when I start the game after the tutorial. I restarted twice and the gun always disappears when the real game begins so I can only kick

Hey sorry about that! If you left without the gun the first time it will actually save that. I should’ve added a reset option but one thing you can do is clear the browsers local storage for this page and it should reset it all.

I'll try that. The funny thing is that I left with the gun actually :D

Very cool game! Great Controls, very snappy! 


Really nice!


Great work, the gameplay feels satisfying and the artwork is really nicely done, especially the animations and their effects. I will admit that dashing doesn't feel very intuitive in how it controls, having to press two buttons for it, but other than that it was enjoyable. I haven't gotten past the first boss quite yet, but I also like how they respond to the fact that you've returned. The start of the game was also amusingly grim, I suppose those researchers wanted to be quite literally fired.

Thanks for the feedback. I am glad you enjoyed it!

Good game! I like how the blood looks, how did you make it if you don't mind I ask..

Hey thanks for playing! The blood effect is just a bunch of particles that react to the level collision and then fade away after a certain amount of time.

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good arcade

Thanks for playing! I hope you enjoyed.

Amazing game dev :D 

Hey thanks for playing! Sorry about that error you kept getting on each enemy death. Do you know which build you were using? The DirectX or OpenGL version if you don’t mind?

Np :) I'm using directx .