A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Play as a lowly reaper forced to clean up the unworldly and neglected parts of the world where once beautiful beings have mutated and transformed into disgusting beasts. These beasts must be slain and fragments of their souls must be collected and given to the bone man. Collecting enough soul fragments will allow a punishment to be selected that will benefit thee. Thus becoming a glutton for the punishment.

The bone man demands a quota and it must be met. Failing to do so with result in termination. Succeeding will reward you with more abilities.



  • WASD / ZQSD / Arrow keys = Move
  • Left Mouse Button = Swipe
  • Right Mouse Button = Shoot
  • Space = Dash
  • E = Bone Spear ability
  • Q = Hand of Death ability
  • Esc = Pause

This game was created during the month of November in 2022 for the GitHub Game Off game jam.  The code repository can be found here.

Code, Art, Sfx, and Design: LeHaine

Music: from Zapsplat.com

Built with LittleKt game framework.


Windows - Includes bundled Java runtime! 58 MB
Linux - Includes bundled Java runtime! 58 MB


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Nice job on winning 1st place for graphics and 7th for gameplay. It was a fun, and super cute game. Love the 8bit graphics and the 8 bit graphics icon for the game. Controls were a little difficult at times, like I'd press left, but still be hitting right (could just be my dodgy playing). But it was really fun, and managed to get a couple of levels in. We played it for the GitHub Game Off live stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1712466363

Cool! Thanks for giving it a try.


Congratulations for being awarded 1st place in the Graphics category!